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Agawam, Massachusetts Centennial - Published in 1955
Author Committee
Publisher unk
City Agawam
County MA
State MA
Price $40.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
Early History
Post Offices
Highways and Bridges
Public Transportation
Industries Old and New
Geographical and Geological information
Captain Charles Leonard House
Service Clubs, Societies, Civic Organizations
Public Schools
Town Government
Town Officials
Beauty Queen Contestants
Centennial Committees
Centennial Program of Events
Our Advertisers
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Along the Trail, Volume II - Published in August, 1972
Author Members and Friends of Old Trails Historical Society, 14 Hedgewood Lane, Manchester, MO compiled by Mrs. Edward W. Keil
Publisher K-Art Litho Company
City Manchester
County St. Louis County Missouri
State Missouri
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Indians of St. Louis County
William Douglas Bacon
My Great Grandparents- Wm Douglas Bacon and Frances R. Stuart
Sturmfels Log Cabin
Manchester Road
Bouquet Road
City of Ellisville
Confirmed Land Claims by 1838
The Jaeger Family
Civil War Company B, Pacific Battalion
Hollocher House
Francis Patrick Burke
Clarence L. Shotwell]
Shotwell Genealogy
Henry Blank
John F. Bopp's Bus Service
Excerpts from Mother's Cook Book
A Letter to Nan
Bacon Cemetery Renovation Project
News Items of Yesteryear
Comments and Corrections of Along the Trail, Volume I
Membership Roster
Board of Directors
Application Blank
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Americans from Wales - Published in 1967
Author Edward George Hartmann, PhD
Publisher The Christopher Publishing House of Boston, USA
Price $5.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
They Came Here First - The Story of the Welsh Indian Legend
The Welsh Background in the Homeland
The Welsh Colonial Settlements
The Story of Nineteenth Century Welsh Immigration to America
The Welsh-American Cultural Community - Its Religious Emphasis
Welsh-American Journalism and Printing
The Eisteddfod, the Gorsedd, and the Gymanfa Ganu
Welsh-American Societies and Clubs
Colonial Churches founded by Welsh immigrants
Some eisting Welsh societies
Distinguished Welsh Americans
General Index
Index of Distinguished Welsh Americans

This book has extensive water damage, but the information is intact.
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Arrow Rock - The Story of a Missouri Village - Published in 2005
Author Authorene Wilson Phillips
Publisher University of Missouri Press
City Arrow Rock
County Saline Missouri
State Missouri
Price $15.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Table of Contents
Pierre a Fleche, 1673-1813
The Arrow Rock, 1814-1820
A Stop on the Santa Fe Trail, 1821-1828
New Philadelphia Becomes Arrow Rock, 1829-1844
Developing Center, 1844-1859
A Place to Be, Then a Place to Be FROM, 1860-1887
Sleepy Village, 1888-1949
Historic Site, 1950-2000, Arrow Rock Today

This book contains an index of persons and places.

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Baby book of Richard Thurman Hamilton b. 1932 in Battle Creek, Michigan - Published in 1932
Author his mother Annabelle Harper Hamilton
Publisher Unknown
City Battle Creek
County Michigan
State Michigan
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
This baby book belonged to Richard Thurman Hamilton, the son of Annabelle Harper and Thurman Hamilton.
Richard Thurman was the grandson of Noah and Perminie Harper and Lafayette and Fannie Hamilton.

Noah Harper was a farmer. His children (per 1910 and 1920 Census) were Anna Belle, Ada, Lee, Carrie, Cora, Delpha, and Russell. The family lived in Empire, McLean County, IL.

There is a photo of Thurman Hamilton holding baby Richard Thurman Hamilton. I believe that Thurman Hamilton died when Richard was about 12 years of age. Thurman and Annabelle are buried in Macedonia Cemetery in Franklin County, IL.

The 1930 Census shows Thurman living at Camp Custer as a US Military Reservation employee at Bedford, Calhoun County, Michigan.

Please contact me if you have an interest in this baby book.

Please contact
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Background of Iowa Territorial Pioneers - As Exemplified by the Ancestry of Francis Park and his wife Rhoda Chaplin - Published in 1945 first edition, no dust cover, 92 pages
Author Compiled by Gurney Chaplin Gue of Merrick, Long Island, member of NY Genealogical and Biographical Society
Publisher privately issued
County Iowa
State Iowa
Price $15.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
Genealogy of Francis Parker and Rhoda Chaplin Family including their children
Nancy Diantha Parker, Francis Jackson Parker, Mary Chaplin Parker, Rhoda Maria Parker, Celinda Sarah Parker, Elizabeth Parker, Laura Lucinda Parker, and Benjamin Harrison Parker who did not go with the remainder of the family the next year.
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Badger Breweries - Past & Present - Published in 1976
Author Wayne R. Kroll
Publisher Waune R. Kroll, Jefferson, WI
City Jefferson
County WI
State WI
Price $25.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
This copy is Number 1945 signed by Wayne R. Kroll.
The spine is damaged, but book is intact.

Here is a copy of Wayne Kroll's early compendium of Wisconsin breweries, including brewery photos, tracings of etched beer bottles, and historical write-ups on individual breweries. Kroll was one of Wisconsin's early beer historians, and this opus is a testament to his research and efforts to preserve and share the history of the state's brewing industry -- one of the most colorful in America. This always-in-demand book has become difficult to find as collectors and beer historians recognize the value of the material it holds.
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Beaver Bay, Original Northshore Village - Published in 1968
Author Jessie C. Davis
Publisher St. Louis County, MN Historical Society
County St. Louis County Minnesota
State Minnesota
Price $30.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
This book contains maps and history of Beaver Bay, Minnesota.
It also includes genealogy of the following families:
Joseph Betzler b. 1846 Wurtemberg, Germany

Alexander Boyer b. 1837 Canada

Beargrease (Chippewa)

Jacob Hangartner b. 1830 Switzerland

Martin Loentson - arrived Beaver Bay, 1896

Edward Mattson b. 1870 Norway

Jacob Schaaf b. 1835 Prussia

Martin Wieland's son Henry P. Wieland of Beaver Bay 1856-1882, died Duluth, 1897
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Bemistory May 1968 - Published in 1968
Author Lisa Locken, Editor
Publisher Bemis Company, Inc.
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
This is an intra company magazine published in Minneapolis, MN, but Bemis had plants in St. Louis, and many states of the US.
One article deals with Bemis-France and its employees.

Some names, photos, or articles include the following names,
Lois Payne, Nolita Micheau, Emanuel Barnett, Harold Riggins, George Hanotel, F. Gregg Bemis, Arthur Mathon, Michel Grandemange, Raymonde Defrenne, Jacques Samain, Julie Defaux, Valentine Delplanque, Louisa Leroy, Georges Nivesse, Simone Chapitre, Dominique Derville, Emilienne Lagnel, Antoinette Carnaille, Mohamed Hammouche, Raymonde Dubus, Pluquet, Vanderkerkhove, Delerue, Descamps, Sudzik, Trachet, Moncheaux, Caps by Crossett, Boise Cascade Insulite, Paul Donnell, Glenn Fisher, Fred Thralls, Wilhelm Anger, Dr. Josef Klaus, Mr. Kerschbaumer, Horace J. Coyne Jr., Rick Scoble, Walter Stine, Ruth Gieber, Walter Stamps, Marion Huddleston III, Michael Braum, Thomas Kriech, Larry Rommagnino, Robert Snider, Michael Becker, Timothy Fox, Dean Haase, Robert Marks, Sammy Newton, Ken Oekel, Phil Worman, Evelyn Wollack, Louise Black, Helen Tatum, Pearl Hunter, Joe Prudhomme, Evelyn Bergman, Les Burgess, Jack Bergman, Anton Peterson, Ted Ensley, Marie Llewellyn, A. Mendez Jr., D. Hutchison, Myrtle Stamper, Vincent Caine, Ray Richards, Albert Brooks, Alice Fox, Edith Nixon, M. Williams, Carol Allen, A. D. Todd, Lois Platt, Marilyn Anderson, Morriese Rogers, Coleman Wright, D. R. Raushel, Marjorie Taylor, Fiora Barrett, Michael Munson, H. Campbell, Jack Hott, Kathleen White Miles.

I have a number of copies of this magazine. Please contact me if you have an interest in one.

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Bicentennial History of Gorham, Maine 1736-1936 - Published in 1936
Author Walter H. Johnson editor
Publisher Henry S. Cobb, Printer
City Gorham
County Cumberland Maine
State Maine
Price $60.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
I bought this book because I believe it will be an excellent resource to those with family members from Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine. This book, unfortunately, has no index, so I will try to transcribe as many surnames as I can.

The following are pictured in the book: Walter H. Johnson, Joseph B. Manchester, George Alden, Clarence E. Carll, Alverdo L. Douglass, Guy L. Wilson, Augustine F. Hawkes, John A. Waterman, Raymond Phinney, A. Erlon Mosher, Narragansett Block, Gorham Fort Monument, Harrison Drum Corps, Gorham Fire Department, Westbrook Fire Department, South Windham Fire Department, Phinney Ledge, Old McLellan House, Community Chorus at Narragansett Park, Grandstand Audience at Narragansett Park, Old Academy, 1886 and 1936 Pioneer's Float, Robie Memorial Gymnasium, Russell Hall, Town Hall, Community Club Float, Congregational Church, Fireman's Demonstration, Phinney Park Exercises, Three Tablets in Phinny Park, World War Soldier's Monument, The Normal School, Mrs. McDaniel and Her Loom, Rev. Mr. Dubbs and the Old Pulpit, Decorated Public Buildings, Marching School Children, Martha E. Robie Recreation Park.

The following surnames appear in the book: Alden, Carll, Douglass, Hawkes, Johnson, Manchester, Mosher, Phinney, Robie, Sawyer, Waterman, Wilson, McLellan, Reed, Cloutman, Bryant, Mosier, Phinney, Carey, Rice, Gorham, Bowman, Tryon, Revere, Irish, Blanchard, Pomeroy, Twombley, Dyer, Hamblen, Walker, Libby, Robie, Gammon, Gould, Lewis, Carne, Faulkner, Brann, Lowell, Hamlin, Kellogg, Deering, Estes, Jewett, Fogg, Ridlon, Harding, Plaisted, Hinkley, Cobb, Files, Wentworth, Anderson, Bickford, Dyer, Clapp, Farnham, Harding, Blake, Rolfe, Hellen, Hayes, Merrill, Tyler, Leavitt, Morton, Dunn, Curtis, Hasty, Colesworthy, Stackpoli, and many more.

Some of the antiques put on display during the 1936 Bicentennial Celebration were the following: Old Estes Bible, Liverpool Pitcher, Thomas Hitchcock Spinet piano, 1786 Sampler, Four Silver Spoons, The Tyng Chair, Brass Candlesticks, Sword, Silver Snuff Box, and more.

This 172 page book gives amazing detail to every facet of the Bicentennial Celebration. All of the happenings were scripted and are included in the book. There are lists of businesses, schools, and groups who participated in the celebration.

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Biographies of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, and Gasconade Counties - Published in 1995
Author Unknown
Publisher The Goodspeed Publishing Company
County Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, Gascona Missouri
State Missouri
Price $20.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
This 1166 page book is out of print and rare. There are biographies from Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, and Gasconade Counties. There is also an index.

Please contact me if you have an interest in this book.
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Bird, Kansas - Published in 1989
Author Tony Parker
Publisher Knopf Publishing
City Bird
County Kansas
State Kansas
Price $12.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
This is an interesting history of Bird, Kansas and its citizens.

Table of Contents
Hi, Welcome to Bird

Riding the County by Jim Arnoldsen, Sheriff

Two Lives
Having It Hard by Mildred Davies
Having It Easy by Carrie Jones

Some of Our Business Folk
Gerry Meister
Sandy Carlton
Percy Doberen
Fran Webber
Betty Holt
Larry Manders

Stay at Home Wives
Nicki Russburg
Karen Ostler
Irene Finney
Linda Burns

The Happiest Days
Dan Forgan
Jean Eagleton
Bernard Westerman

In Public Positions
Gordon Osterman
Melvin Penn
Clare Oberlin
Shirley Cookson
Lester Gover

Professional People
Robert Lubin
John Stone
Bev Daniel
Leonard Demarr
Joe Liddle

Law and Order
Ralph Hacker
Marvin Taylor
Annabel Braun
Diana Hertzog
Jed McClucky

Two Lives
Harold Albert, Louie Albert

Out at Garland
Opal Richards
Ellie Lou Harburg
Wayne Standish
Herbie Kohl
Anne Wheater
Annie Vee

Them That Deserve and Those That Don't
Alan Ford
Patti Oliveri
Alma Wise
Dana Rogerson

Thursday Morning
Debbie, Sharon, Kim
Charlie, Karl, Mark

Keeping Up a Profile
Norman Ortenshaw
Susan Raynes
Father Damien
Gary Long

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Eldon Simmonds
Thompson Ketch
Calvin Hughes

Larry and Patsy Lawrence
Wilbur and Olive Sawyer
Fanny and Greg Petersen
Jenny Ash and Jarrett Viner
Pete and Helen LeRoy

Two Lives
Gus Boot
Kendon Prender

and more

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Bishop Hill Swedish-American Showcase - Published in 1985
Author George Swank
Publisher Galvaland Magazine
County Henry IL
State IL
Price $20.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
72 pages; Olof Olson, Olof Krans, Eric Janson, Swedish immigration, colony religion and organization
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Bloomfield - A Commemorative Story 1831-1981 - Published in 1984
Author Bloomfield Sesquicentennial Committee
Publisher The Triangle Press, Inc.
City New Bloomfield
County PA
State PA
Price $15.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
Table of Contents
Land and Families
Blomfield Becomes a Borough
Streets and Roads
Churches and Religion
History in Landmarks and Events
Speaking of Transportation
Businesses and Industry
Organizations - Civic, Social, and Fraternal
Personal Reflections
Album of Snapshots
Walking Tour Stories
The Sesquicentennial Celebration
Photo Collection

Original Plot Plan of Bloomfield Borough May 23, 1824
Bloomfield Borough Lot Plan 1847
Southeast Bloomfield - 1915-1930
Bloomfield Borough 1979
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Bror Johansson's Chicago - Published in 1985
Author Lilly Lennart Setterdahl
Publisher privately printed
City Chicago
County IL
State IL
Price $25.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
This is a true story told by Bror Johansson, Clifton Avenue in Chicago, who was born in Slatthog parish, Smaland, Sweden, and emigrated in 1926 to Chicago, IL. It is written in Swedish and English and contains many black and white family photos.
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Camden County History - Published in 1985
Author Lucille Keller Harpham
Publisher unk
County Camden MO
State MO
Price $15.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Time to Remember
The Test of Strength
Old Linn Creek Methodist Church
Earp, Foster, Clint Webb Houses
The End of Linn Creek
Sugar Cured Ham
Farewell to Linn Creek and historic photos

In the Beginning
A Place to Remember
Beginning Moulder Hotel in 1892
People of Old Linn Creek, Missouri by Gertie Calton Ford
Dr. Moore of Old Linn Creek
Ike Dodson, only black soldier in WWI
A Day on the Osage River, 1860
The Winfrey Family
The Hopkins Family
The Keller Family
The Ha Ha Tonka I Knew
The Seley Family in Camden County
The Pope Family
Evington Farm
Head Cheese or Sauce
Sweet Breads
Climax Springs MO
The death of Frank Moore
The First Presbyterian Church of Climax Springs, MO
Macks Creek, MO
Milling, A Divided Industry
Camdenton, MO
The George King Famiy as Shared by The Oldest Son
Linn Creek Schools
1931 Consolidated District C-6

110 pages
Short bibliography
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Centennial of the St. Louis Plattdeutsch Club 1876-1976 - Published in 1976
Author Frank B. Jansen
Publisher unknown
City St. Louis
County MO
State MO
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
60 pages
History of the St. Louis Plattdeutsch Club

Officers in 1976 - Hubert Gildehaus, Herman Geers, Anton End, Martin Wilshusen, William Klin, Leo Rozanek, Henry Bruns, Fred Steurer, Walter Vogt

Some members from the past: Baumann, Braun, Jansen, Willmering, Reck, Korte, Andersen, Schlichting, Horstmann, Droege, Greimann, Koester, Leitner, Peitzmeyer, Duing, Reimler, Albertsmeyer, Heitman, Stroot and many more. There are photos of members going back 100 years.
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Challenge - Creative Writing by Students of Webster Groves High School - Published in Spring 1928
Author Students
Publisher Webster Groves High School
City Webster Groves
County St. Louis County Missouri
State Missouri
Price $5.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Students with work in this booklet are the following:
Patty McLeod
Elliott Sellar
Mary Hodgdon
Vernon Carter
Sophia Fox
Mary Francis Crosby
William E. Smith
William F. Ellersiek

Please contact me if you have an interest in this historic school booklet.
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Chaos in Color - Published in 1982
Author Dorothy Schulte Mith
City Morristown
County NJ
State NJ
Price $15.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Charmingly written in both narrative and prose, this 76 page book depicts the aspects of Brother Matthew's (John Gallagher) art studio and the various paintings therein.
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Charles County Gentry - Published in reprint 1971 of 1940 original
Author Harry Wright Newman
Publisher Clearfield Company
County Charles County Maryland
State Maryland
Price $20.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
A Genealogical History of Six Emigrants
Thomas Dent
John Dent
Richard Edelen
John Hanson
George Newman
Humphrey Warren

All of these gentlemen were scions of Armorial Families of Old England who settled in Charles
County, Maryland, and their descendants showing migrations to the South West.

This book contains 321 pages with an index.
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Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad Ohio's Great Interurban System - Published in 1974
Author Jack Keenan
Publisher Golden West Books
City Cincinnati
County Ohio
State Ohio
Price $50.00 (plus $8.00 postage and handling)
This beautiful and large 225 page book contains over 270 illustrations and photographs. It is indeed
"a trip down memory lane" for readers.

Coming of the Interurban
Conway's Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railway
The Great Race
Red Block - Troubles Ahead
Bankruptcy and Still Running
Fire, Flood and Slow Orders
Freight Service
Moving Toward Collapse
End of the Line

Please contact me if you have an interest in this book.
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City of Flight-The History of Aviation in St. Louis - Published in 1984 First Edition hardback
Author James J. Horgan
Publisher Patrice Press
City St. Louis
County Missouri
State Missouri
Price $20.00 (plus $5.00 postage and handling)
"James J. Horgan transports his reader into history; into the basket of the Atlantic, as the 19th century balloon crashes into the timber of upstate New York, a thousand miles after its takeoff from St. Louis. Into the Red Devil, as Thomas Scott Baldwin flies his flimsybiplane between the Mississippi River and the arches of Eads Bridge. Onto the streets of the Sky Cycle, as a 15 year old boy pedals his little gas-filled dirigible over Forest Park. Onto Art Hill to cheer the floyover of America's newest hero, Charles A. Lindbergh, in his Spirit of St. Louis, in salute to the city which made it all possible. This is an epic set in the very cradle of aviation history - the City of St. Louis - now, as it was in the beginning, the City of Flight."

Air Facilities
Airports, Airfields, and Ascension Grounds, 1836-1965

Air Activities
John Wise and the Era of Balloons 1830-1900
The Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904
The International Aeronautic Tournament, 1907
Centennial Week, 1909
The International Aeronautic Tournament, 1910
Fairground and Kinloch, 1911
The National Balloon Race, 1914
The Army-Navy and National Balloon Races, 1919
The International Air Races, 1923
The Spirit of St. Louis, 1927
The International Balloon Race, 1929
The Saint Louis Air Races and International Aerobatic Competition, 1937

Air Industries
The Minor Industries, 1858-1945
Robertson and Curtiss, 1919-1945
McDonnell, 1939-1965

Publisher's Afterword

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Clayton: A History - Published in 1976
Author Dickson Terry
Publisher City of Clayton
City Clayton
County St. Louisq Missouri
State Missouri
Price $25.00 (plus $6.00 postage and handling)
Table of Contents
Clayton, 1976: A suburban phenomenon
The Great Divorce-Separation of St. Louis City and County
Then there was Hiram Leffingwell
The choice of a county seat
Ralph Clayton, a diffident donor
Martin Hanley and the Hanley House
A town is laid out and a courthouse erected
A frame hotel and a mule-power printing press
Plank sidewalks and other civic improvements
Social life by lantern light
Troubles with the mail; the first post office
The railroad comes to Clayton; Rock island Blues
The Dinky, Clayton's first street
Farewell to the town pump and kerosene lanterns
From one room school to a model school system
Gretna Green and the "poetic justice"
Clayton and the first county fair
The Gay Nineties; Clayton gets a bank
The safety bike and the horseless carriage
From Bucket brigade to a model fire department
The church bells ring out
Clayton and the St. Louis World's Fair
The old courthouse; its decline and fall
Clayton's newspapers; All the politics that's fit to print
Clayton at the turn of the century
Clayton icorporated as a fourth class city - just in time
Life in the Roaring Twenties
Depression years; some good along with the bad
Law and order comes to Clayton
Movements to reunite St. Louis and the county
Early signs of a renaissance in Clayton
Clayton on the move
Growing pains and zoning problems
A new charter and a Master Plan for the future
Public Accommodations in Clayton; Forsyth By-pass is started
Some men who changed Clayton
First sales tax; By-pass completed
The restoration of the Hanley House
Clayton improves for today and tomorrow
Mayors and Boards of Alderman - 1913-1976

This is a wonderful book full of history and photos that will enrich your family history!

Please contact me if you have an interest in this book.
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Cobblestones - A Roosevelt High School Student Magazine - Published in 1987
Author listed below
Publisher Roosevelt High School
City St. Louis
County MO
State MO
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
Interviews by the following:
Rob Silkwood
Dawn Marie Scarim
Jeff Benz
Rhoda Elizabeth Johns
Anuke A. Corbett
Deann Brandt
Micharn Warren
Talena Bell
Ed Blair
Sonya Little
Rosemary Vaughn
Karen Merchant
Mark Piles
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Cobblestones Magazine - Published in 1981
Author Students of Roosevelt High School
Publisher Roosevelt HS
City St. Louis
County MO
State MO
Price $10.00 (plus $3.50 postage and handling)
This 60 page booklet contains original stories and interviews by Mark Adams, Tammy Albers, Kathy Belmar, Sheila Bobo, Mike Boggs, Wandra Cole, Tammy Dickson, Mike Dothage, Vicky Ivy, LaDonna Jackson, Nolan Lovan, Leigh Manning, Chris Moore, Tammy Phife, Judi Shultz, Brenda Smith, Tom Starr, and Danny Rose. Their sponsor were Tom Keay and Clara Pixley.
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